Keep Contamination Out of Your Clinic

Building Trust Starts When Entering Your Clinic Door

Pet owners want to feel confident that their beloved companion is cared for by a veterinary team they can rely on. To ensure that your facility becomes a go-to clinic or hospital, caring for animals of all shapes and sizes begins when they walk through your door.

In busy facilities, cleaning and disinfection tasks can get overlooked. In fact, in a recent study, 30% of hospitals did not clean cages between patients.

Source: KuKanich KS, et al. Surveillance of bacterial contamination in small animal veterinary hospitals with special focus on antimicrobial resistance and virulence traits of Enterococci. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2012;240(4):437-445.

Pave a Clear Path Towards Healthy Pets

Don't let pathogens like parvovirus, Bordatella and influenza virus stick around on surfaces in your facility. CloroxPro has disinfectants that are tough on pathogens and compatible with surfaces and equipment to help you prevent the spread of infection in your clinic. Let’s join forces to ensure your animal care facility stays happy and healthy.

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