Tackling Germs? No Sweat.

Stay on the Ball With a Winning Routine

Your facility has a lot of moving parts, and they move quickly. Staying on top of cleaning and disinfecting means juggling a variety of surfaces, equipment, rooms and more. As you know, a strong game plan is essential to any victory, so why not huddle up and rethink your cleaning strategy?

Contact sport athletes are 10–15 times more likely to contract MRSA than the general population.

Source: https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/2013/10/26/buccaneers-dealing-with-mrsa-outbreak/2JxLajA7nNdZXec8kKq4kI/story.html

Adopt a Can Do Attitude. Achieve Cleaning Victory.

Even with numerous surfaces and rooms throughout your facility, cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing can be done quickly and effectively. CloroxPro disinfecting products can kill MRSA in as little as 30 seconds. Our wide range of gym cleaning supplies are tough on germs, easy on surfaces and simple to use.

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