Unpleasant Restroom Experiences Can Stink Up Your Business

Take Action Against Stubborn Germs and Odours

With challenging surfaces, unique germs, and persistent odours, restroom cleaning requires an intense approach. Four out of five professionals say restroom cleaning is a difficult job, so why not equip yourself to make things easier and more efficient?

Source: Clorox Professional Products Company and ISSA and ClearVoice Research. (May and June 2014). Cleaning Industry Professionals Public Restroom Survey. (Survey of 375 cleaning industry professionals)

More than ⅓ of the population say they have left a place of business because of irritating restroom smells.

Source: Clorox Professional Products Company and ClearVoice Research (February 2012). Online Survey of Professional Cleaning Service Industry Decision Makers. (Survey of 933 cleaning industry decision makers across various industries)

Ensure Your Restroom Cleaning Protocol Is Up to Snuff

When you equip yourself with all the right products, your ability to keep a well-maintained restroom free of germs and odours increases tenfold. CloroxPro has a full portfolio of products proven to help you face restroom cleaning head-on. As your cleaning partner, we can ensure that your business never suffers because of your restroom.