Get to the Source of the Stink and Eliminate Odour

An Odour-Free Environment? Smells Like Good Business

Unpleasant aromas have a way of impacting business, and not for the better. Mysterious, tough-to-solve odours have a way of lingering, even after an initial treatment. Stop odour at the source so it doesn't affect your bottom line.

More than ⅓ of consumers have left a place of business because of bathroom odour.

Source: Clorox Professional Products Company and ClearVoice Research (February 2012). Online Survey of Professional Cleaning Service Industry Decision Makers. (Survey of 933 cleaning industry decision makers across various industries)

Set Up a Strong First Line of Odour Defense

Bad smells can come from anywhere. And in order to get rid of them, you need to get down to the molecular level. At CloroxPro, we have a product for every surface in every room. And with a proven track record for more than a century, we won’t just help you cover up smells, we’ll help put an end to them for good.