Fighting Infection Starts with Clean Hands and Surfaces

Infection Prevention Is Every Team Member's Responsibility

Keeping patients happy and healthy starts the moment they walk through your door. It continues while they sit in the waiting room, and all the way through your time together in the exam room. Making sure every step of their path is free of preventable infection is a crucial element of a healthy practice.

Pathogens aren’t confined to the clinical areas of your practice. In fact, they can spread throughout the facility. Studies show that pathogens can spread to up to 41% of surfaces in a physicians office, including waiting and patient care areas, within 4 hours.

Source: Sexton, J. D., Wilson, A. M., Sassi, H. P., & Reynolds, K. A. (2017). Tracking and controlling soft surface contamination in health care settings. American Journal of Infection Control.

Positive Patient Experiences Come from Comprehensive Infection Prevention Programs

Your patients have wants and needs. They want to visit a clean healthcare facility. They need to leave the facility without any extra pathogens. With a portfolio of advanced and evolving surface disinfection and hand hygiene solutions, Clorox Healthcare is your trusted partner to meet your patient's wants and needs.