Become a Leader in Surgery Center Quality

Keeping Your Protocols Current Is Critical

When it comes to attracting new patients, it’s important to maintain a facility that’s focused on the latest clinical data, technology and industry best practices. A well-rounded plan to prevent and track infection in your surgery center is an essential element in crafting a leading facility.

Lapses in infection control in ASCs are common. One study found that 57% of ASCs were cited for infection control deficiencies.

Source: Schaefer MK, Jhung M, Dahl M, Schillie S, Simpson C, Llata E, Link-Gelles R, Sinkowitz-Cochran R, Patel P, Bolyard E, Sehulster L, Srinivasan A, Perz JF. Infection control assessment of ambulatory surgical centers. JAMA. 2010 Jun 9;303(22):2273-9.

Your Facility Can Set the Highest Standard

Rather than matching the surgery center status quo, exceed it. CloroxPro has an expansive portfolio of solutions to address the demands of pre-op, the operating room and recovery areas. With industry-leading surface disinfectants and revolutionary electrostatic sprayer (Clorox Total 360®) we will take you to the next level for clean, safe surgical environments.