You Don’t Meet Cleaning Expectations.
You Exceed Them.

Building Trust Sets You Apart

Every day, you navigate through challenges to ensure you’re delivering the very best in cleaning care. Your work is done behind the scenes, but you want your clients to know you’re dedicated to serving them. What if there was a way to keep the focus on quality, foster client relationships, and set yourself apart from the competition?

80% of a Building Service Contractor’s customers’ top areas of concern are health, safety, and security.

Source: 2016 Building Service Contractor Benchmarking Survey

Discover More Ways to Retain Customers

Introducing high-value janitorial supplies and simple training materials into your routine can grow your team’s expertise as quickly as your good reputation. With CloroxPro, challenges such as balancing staff turnover, keeping facilities healthy, satisfying government regulations, and juggling budget constraints will become much less daunting.