Eliminating the Environment as a Source of Infection

Protect Patient and Staff Environments from Pathogens

You work hard to ensure that infectious pathogens don’t find a home in your hospital. You understand the importance of a clean facility as it relates to your facility's HCAHPS scores. But between staff turnover, training needs, and time pressure, your job is more challenging than ever.​ When you're asked to do more with less, finding the right tools for the job is critical.

A researcher from Queens University has found that nearly 40 percent of Canadian infection control professionals do not believe their hospital is “sufficiently clean”.

Source: Study on CleanLink: Nearly 40% of Canadian Hospitals Aren’t “Sufficiently Clean” https://bit.ly/3ieXKBZ. Accessed 9 September 2020.

Take Control With A Comprehensive Plan

Even with staffing constraints and pressure to cut costs, you don’t have to sacrifice. We can help implement clinically effective protocols, provide training and support, and elevate your infection-fighting arsenal with ready-to-use disinfectants and advanced technologies, all designed to help you disinfect efficiently and effectively.