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Protecting your Cleandom. Spotlight: Infection Control Professional, Stefania C. February 16, 2024
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Protecting your Cleandom. Spotlight: Infection Control Professional, Stefania C.

Every day, infection control teams work hard to protect healthcare facilities from pathogens and keep staff and patients safe. When it comes to disinfection, each member has an important role to play, from the choice of disinfectant used to making sure protocols are followed. One critical decision is whether to use dilution control systems and microfibre cloths or ready-to-use wipes, as explored in our previous posts

To bring you some real-life perspective on these matters and honour these diligent defenders, we’ll feature a series ofinterviews with real professionals over the coming months – insights from Infection Control Professionals (ICP), nurses, and Environmental Services providers (EVS). They’ll shed light on their experience day-to-day and with ready-to-use wipes, revealing the benefits they see in their own words. In this post, you’ll hear from Stefania C., BES, BASc, CPHI(c), CIC, an Infection Control Professional.

A: “No two days are the same for an Infection Control Professional!”, says Stefania. “The goal is to conduct surveillance to identify risks of transmission of microorganisms and mitigate the risks using a number of infection control strategies while always keeping patient-centered care in mind. We create education sessions for staff and conduct audits to ensure our IPAC processes are in place. We build relationships and collaborate with all hospital stakeholders, including environmental services, to maintain a clean and safe environment for patients and staff.”

A: “As an Infection Control ProfessionaI, I feel a deep sense of responsibility and pride for my hospital.”, Stefania says. “I do my best to protect patients, visitors, and staff against the transmission of harmful organisms by working closely with our Environmental Services partners. Together, IPAC and EVS collaborate on best strategies for cleaning and disinfection across the organization. We conduct quality-based cleaning and disinfection audits to identify gaps in our processes and to celebrate staff who do exceptional work!“

A: “My experience using ready-to-use-wipes in our facility is specific to using bleach wipes for C. difficile cleaning and disinfection. For certain organisms like C. difficile, it is important to have a simple, straightforward, yet effective product. Using ready-to-use wipes for C. difficile is ideal given that each wipe is appropriately saturated and provides the concentration of disinfectant appropriate for use on the hard-to-kill bacteria. In comparison to dispensed systems, ready-to-use wipes for C. difficile rooms take less preparation time and can be more convenient for the end user.”

  • Alcohol-free, non-bleach and non-corrosive
  • Less residue, easy on surfaces, multi-surface cleaner disinfectant
  • Kills 56 pathogens in 1 minute or less, including 13 antibiotic-resistant ones, including TB in 1 minute and kills C. auris in 3 minutes
  • Ideal for daily use in high-turnover areas on hard surfaces
  • Alcohol-free quat formula 
  • 50 pathogens killed in 2 minutes or less (bacteria, viruses and fungi]
  • Low odour, low residue, non-bleach
  • Can be used daily on pieces of portable and mobile healthcare facility equipment 
  • Built to kill nearly 60 microorganisms in ≤3 minutes
  • Improved surface compatibility and residue profile
  • Kills C. difficile spores in 3 minutes