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Protecting your Cleandom. Spotlight: Nurse Daniel C. July 5, 2024
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Protecting your Cleandom. Spotlight: Nurse Daniel C.

Last month, we featured an interview with Justyna, a Nurse, who shared what her day-to-day experience is like and how she helps keep her hospital safe for patients, staff and visitors.

How do nurses like Justyna decide on the particular methods they use to do just that? In this interview, Nurse Daniel Colella provides important perspective on the risks associated with dilution-controlled systems that many overlook, as well as the benefits of ready-to-use wipes. Read on for Daniel’s take on his challenges, priorities, and the main ways he protects his facility.

A: “A day in the hospital as a nurse can be both hectic and rewarding. We are pulled in many different directions, prioritizing tasks for our patients and working with multiple professions throughout the day. It can be stressful and overwhelming at times, but it’s important to always work in a safe and efficient manner.”

A: “I protect my hospital throughout the day – by cleaning my hands when I enter the building, the staff room, walk onto the unit, and enter and exit patient rooms. It’s important to perform hand hygiene regularly, no matter what department you’re in, or what profession you are working at any time. By maintaining proper hand hygiene, we can ensure that our facility is clean and safe for staff, patients and visitors during their stay and visit. We can also prevent hospital-acquired infections by doing so.”

A: “The main ways I protect my facility are by performing hand hygiene throughout each shift as well as cleaning medical equipment after each patient use, such as the glucometer machine, vital sign machine and mechanical lifts. I also clean my workstation on wheels (WOW) at the start of my shift, during my shift and at the end of my shift.”

A: “I feel that it is everyone’s duty to keep our facility safe and clean. This is a professional establishment, and it is our responsibility to treat it properly, always remembering that not only are patients in our facility, there are visitors as well.” 

A: “I use ready-to-use (RTU) wipes on a daily basis and recommend them instead of a dilution-controlled system (DCS). They are easy to use and remove from the container and do not have a strong odour compared to a dilution-controlled system. RTU wipes eliminate many viruses and bacteria safely and with minimal effort. A DCS can either be under-diluted or over-diluted, requires more time and isn’t as convenient to use.”

A: “RTU wipes are convenient and ready to use. They take up minimal space and are easy to attach to our vital sign machines and WOWs. Working in healthcare as a nurse requires a lot of disinfecting, especially after performing patient care and when using medical equipment. RTU wipes simply pull through the container lid and are ready to use. If a DCS is being used instead, it requires more time, including preparation, and is not as convenient. RTU wipes also save time in our day – time that we can spend with our patients.”

  • Alcohol-free, bleach-free and non-corrosive
  • Kills 50 bacteria and viruses in 1 minute or less, including 13 antibiotic-resistant ones*
  • Kills Mycobacterium tuberculosis in 1 minute and C. auris in 3 minutes*
  • Less residue, easy on surfaces, multi-surface cleaner disinfectant ideal for daily use in high turn-over areas on hard surfaces
  • Available in clinical canister and EVS bucket wipe size formats
  • Bleach-free, alcohol-free quat formula
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  • Available in clinical canister and EVS bucket wipe size formats 

* When used as directed.