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It’s About Partnership, Not Products August 19, 2020
CloroxPro CA

It’s About Partnership, Not Products

The Canadian healthcare system is constantly pushed to do more with less. That’s why we challenge ourselves to rethink the entire disinfection process.

After all, anyone can offer a product, but few can offer a true solution. That’s what we’ve learned over 100 years of solving our customers’ problems, and it’s what continues to make us different to this day.

We’re in this together

We’ve come a long way since 1913 when bleach was our only product.

Today, in addition to delivering products that kill germs at home or in healthcare settings and help you tackle the toughest of messes, Clorox® offers so much more to those who are committed to safeguarding the environments we live, play, and work in every day.

For those individuals, it’s about service, solutions, and having someone you can rely on to make the whole experience smoother. And those are things you don’t find on the ingredients list.

The true cost of disinfection

It is common for healthcare facilities to focus on procuring the best product at the lowest cost.

Yet, product acquisition only accounts for 10% of the total cost of disinfection. The other 90% is driven through the labour associated with the overall disinfection processes.1

As the partner of choice for many of Canada’s leading hospitals, we uphold our promise to help safeguard the patient environment by investing heavily in customer service, from planning to managing your disinfection processes.

Our representatives are dedicated disinfection experts who will take the time to map out your total disinfection process, identify gaps, and train your staff to ensure best-in-class implementation.

Top 5 value adds of Clorox Healthcare®

Here’s a snapshot of what you get – beyond the bottle – when you choose Clorox®:

  1. Training resources Whether your team needs practical guidance on how to use our products or hands-on training, we’ve got you covered. Simply get in touch to arrange for in-house training, or access our training videos whenever you need.
  2. Customized solutions You have unique needs, so we don’t have a “one-size fits all”approach. Your Clorox® representative will work with you to build a customized solution that’s right for you and your hospital or healthcare facility, no matter what your needs are.
  3. Educational tools Get the information you need, where and when you need it. Access compatibility guides, disinfection selection material, and more through our document library.
  4. Ongoing support You’ve made a purchase, but who do you turn to after that? Your Clorox® representative is there to support you through your disinfection challenges, so never hesitate to get in touch.
  5. Industry know-how & involvement If you’re going to talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. That’s why we’re always attending conferences, participating in committees, and supporting great causes in the spirit of learning and innovation. Best of all, keeping up with the industry in this way enables us to bring the most up-to-date technology and information to you.

Choosing a partner in disinfection

You have a choice when choosing a disinfectant.

But when deciding what product to use, you should also consider what level of partnership that company can offer you. Like any relationship, you’ll want a partner that’s trustworthy, communicative, and supportive in a way that brings out your best.

As we see it, the real value of these products and partners is what they offer at the basic level – protection through prevention.


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