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Help your cleaning teams work to keep facilities safe August 18, 2023
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Help your cleaning teams work to keep facilities safe

‘Cleaning for health’ helps reduce risk of outbreaks

With turnover high for cleaning staff, healthcare facilities must be diligent to ensure all their staff – new and long-serving – undergo regular training to be on top of the latest products and stick to best practices. Studies recommend that healthcare facilities use specific programs to help cleaning staff understand the importance of cleaning and disinfection requirements.1,2

PIDAC recommendations

The Provincial Infectious Disease Advisory Committee (PIDAC) stresses the importance of an appropriately staffed, trained, educated and supervised environmental services program. This helps to reduce the risk transmission of infection from the environment and requires the cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces and items in the health care setting on a regular basis.3

The latest edition of the PIDAC best practices for Environmental Cleaning make the following recommendations regarding education:

  • Regular education and support should be provided in all healthcare settings to help staff consistently implement appropriate infection prevention and control practices.
  • Education on the topics of infection prevention and control and of occupational health and safety should be provided at the initiation of employment as part of the orientation process and as ongoing continuing education.
  • Managers and supervisors in environmental service departments attend a recognized course directly related to environmental cleaning in health care and obtain certification within a recognized association.3

Cleaning for appearance is no longer enough

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the awareness of the risks of improper cleaning and disinfection has increased. As a result, the role that cleaners play in helping to prevent outbreaks and the spread of germs in healthcare facilities has become even more important.4,5

Knowing how to read labels and use products correctly

Training programs have a lot of material to cover in a little time. In Canada, that means making sure front-line cleaners and managers know the importance of Safety Data Sheets and the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) 2015 requirements for labels. (WHMIS legislation requires that products used in the workplace that meet the criteria to be classified as hazardous products must be labelled).3

91% of facility managers and BSCs surveyed said that their staff have had to learn new protocols.5 96% said that their janitorial staff are asked to do more now to help provide greater confidence to occupants and visitors.5

CloroxPro® is your partner in cleaning, disinfection … and training

As you manage the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resurgence of influenza and RSV, CloroxPro® is right beside you, raising the bar for what clean really means.7 We offer a range of sprays, wipes, dilutables, and sprayer systems to make the most of your cleaning and disinfecting protocols8—we also offer training for cleaning professionals.

The CloroxPro™ HealthyClean™ Program keeps your staff on top of their game

CloroxPro® is committed to Cleaning for Health, and helping facilities achieve this goal.5

CloroxPro® has launched an online learning platform that delivers best-in-class education and training: The CloroxPro™ HealthyClean™ Program.4,5 This program covers actions that can be taken to do the job safely and effectively, the science behind how germs spread, and provides easy-to-follow procedures and best practices to enable facility staff to clean and disinfect surfaces in a way that is efficient and sustainable in the long term.5

The CloroxPro™ HealthyClean™ Program can help ensure cleaning professionals get the knowledge and skills needed to clean for health effectively, efficiently and safely.4,5

Available courses in the CloroxPro™ HealthyClean™ Program

The CloroxPro™ HealthyClean™ Program is a 3rd party accredited, comprehensive and interactive on-demand course, made up of 7 modules.6

Getting StartedYour Protections & RightsHow Germs SpreadSafety Best Practices
General Cleaning Product EducationCleaning for Health: Process & Best PracticesSmart Disinfection

Over the course of the Program, you will learn about Cleaning for Health, get to know the government agencies that are there to protect you, discover the common types of PPE, get tips on how to keep yourself safe at work, learn about Smart Disinfection and so much more. This comprehensive program will give you and your staff the tools to take your knowledge to the next level so that your facility is prepared to defend against the spread of germs and outbreaks of illnesses.

The CloroxPro HealthyClean™ trained specialist Course is the only industry-wide certificate program designed for frontline cleaners and managers to earn accreditation by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB)

Want to know more?

If you are ready learn more about the new standard of education, visit the CloroxPro® website to get all the details about this exciting program, find answers to frequently asked questions and learn how to sign up.

Find out more about the CloroxPro™ HealthyClean™ program


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